About IDKA Kulturkiosken

IDKA is a meeting place and melting pot in the city of Gävle for creative persons who explore the artistic possibilities in digital technology and experimental art. We offer some courses at different levels in digital audio, video and film editing and in interactive experimentation with computers. The courses range from short introductory workshops to advanced courses in electroacoustic composition.

IDKA have long history of producing concerts and performances in Gävleborg. Kulturkiosken is the art gallery where we host art exhibitions.

IDKA is a member-driven, non-commercial culture institution with aims to find and promote artists that develop new culture and art experiences such as for instance: digital music, photo, video, VR and cross media.

Visiting address: Timmermansgatan 4, Söder, Gävle city (approx 50 meters southwest from Gävle Castle)